Dear Professor Brian Cox,

if you stepped away from your chemistry set, you’re big ass globe and your techie stuff you’d get so much pussy! 

you’re a like a good wine, the older it gets the finer it is,

P.s your older than my mother, that doesnt put me off fyi.

i love you D; forever lol

❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔In love with professor Brian Cox

absolutely fucking beautiful.

(via fuckyeahshiinaringo)

I’m so into asians with dreads

Korean Reggae Artist 'Skull' Such a fucking babe.

(Korean Reggae Artist ‘Skull’ Such a fucking babe.)

If Only…because i would…like a thousand times and would not get bored..

she so peng. <3 Elli Rose

there are so many jokey pictures of Jews on the interwebs.
so here it is, a real picture of a jew.
thank me later (:

whatever the fuck i want.

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